I decided to commit to Challenge Reality at the start of 2017, with the intention of it being a pop-culture centered blog that included topics in media and VR/XR, as these are central areas of my focus and research.

The majority of the world experienced traumatizing emotional whip-lash with 2016, but it is 2017 that has literally flipped my world upside, and as a result, I have neglected following up with anything resembling regular posting. No excuses, I know, but this has (ironically) been quite the challenging year for me…

As difficult as some decisions and experiences have been, 2017 is becoming one of the most exciting periods in my life. I pulled the trigger and made a complete career shift, enrolled in General Assembly’s immersive programming course, and started to find my place in the VR/XR industry. (I also watched the Matrix for the first time. This resulted in an onslaught of years worth of puns and references suddenly making sense).

My goal is to be a novice, yet confident, working VR Developer by the end of the year. In almost all areas of my life I am passionately adapting to this goal. As such, Challenge Reality is being overhauled to reflect my new path.

Though there are numerous social media platforms focused on the expansion of VR tech & content, I am hoping to provide a fresh perspective as well as some entertainment value as I share insights, anecdotes, and information. 

Central to Challenge Reality will be my personal voice, expressed strongly yet humbly. I acknowledge my lack of expertise, my youth, and my semi-obnoxious-obsesion with mermaids… But, I also recognize the value of my education, experiences, and my mind.

So thank you to those who are going to invest their time in keeping up with my VR journey as I begin to Challenge Reality (lame, I know…).

Demoing at VRLA 2017
For those on IG follow me @challengereality_


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